Deffeyes’ purposes

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Deffeyes’ purposes in coming to Nevada are pure and noble. His considerable energies appear to be about equally [divided between the pursuit of pure science and the pursuit of noble metal. In order to enloft humanity’s understanding of the basins, he has been taking paleomagnetic samples of basin sediments. He seeks insight into the way in which the rifting earth comes apart. He wants to perceive the subtle differences in the histories of one fault block and another. His ideas about silver, on the other hand, may send his children to college. This is, after all, Nevada, whose geology bought the tickets for the Spanish-American War. George Hearst found his fortune in the zakelijke energie vergelijken ground here. There were silver ores of such concentration that certain miners did nothing more to the heavy grat rocks than pack them up and ship them to Europe. To be sure, those days and those rocks-those supergene enrichments-are gone, but it has crossed the mind of Deffeyes that there may be something left for Deffeyes. Banqueting Sybarites surely did not lick their platJs. We rented the pickup in Salt Lake City-a white Ford. “If we had a bale of hay in here, we’d be Nevada authentic,” Deffeyes remarked, and he swept snow off the truck with a broom. November. Three zakelijke energie inches on the ground and more falling, I slanting in to us from the west.

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